📖 XR Design Handbook

The repository contains a compilation of XR design guidelines from numerous leading companies in the field. This is a goldmine for both seasoned designers and newcomers to XR, ensuring we can create user-friendly and effective experiences.

🎯 What’s this for?

Designed for designers, developers, and all XR enthusiasts, the XR Design Handbook serves as a centralized resource. Its aim? To fuse the design philosophies from various organizations into one comprehensive guide. This fusion provides key insights and best practices, empowering creators to craft immersive and captivating XR experiences.

🔍 How to use it?

To dive deep into the XR Design Handbook, either browse through the website or visit our Github repository. This site, generated from the repository, lets you easily search and read the design summaries. Harness these guidelines to shape standout XR experiences.

🤝 How to contribute?

Here’s the catch: I can’t do it alone. The world of XR is vast and always evolving. To truly make this handbook valuable, I need your help.

Whether it’s:

  • Submitting a new guideline
  • Correcting or updating existing ones
  • Sharing your own experiences and insights

📄 License

Every piece of information in the XR Design Handbook is protected under the MIT License. To delve into specifics, kindly consult the LICENSE file.

Cheers to building better virtual worlds! 🌐